Charlotte Community Charter

Charlotte community It is a public school with an independent management which has resulted in its flexible processes, in exchange for liability when it comes to matters concerning performance. The agreement or charter used as a basis of such schools is basically a contract consisting of varying details such as the program, students enrolled, performance targets, and assessment techniques.

Are all charter schools similar?

No. They are quite different especially when it comes to design and the students’ outcome. Exceptional schools work their way up using practices and principles which have been put to the test and proven successful by some of the leading charter schools situated in different parts of the country.

How can one differentiate between a charter school and a standard public school?

In as much as charter schools are classified as public schools, there is a difference between the two since charter schools have a good amount of freedom when it comes to management with minimal regulations imposed to them unlike district schools. However, charter schools are required to meet the expected level of performance when it comes to academic performance, administrative stability and financial management. If the performance targets are not met then the schools stands a chance of being closed down.

From where do charter schools get their funds?

Just like public schools where tuition is free the same applies for charter schools. Their level of funding is largely dependent on the number of students enrolled and is calculated on per head basis. In a number of states such as Minnesota, Alaska and Colorado, they get a lesser percentage of operational funds when compared to district schools. There are states which offer extra loans or funds but are not entitled to capital funds which aids in supporting facility expenditures.

Whom do charter schools serve?

These schools serve all types of students with a wide demographic characteristic similar to that of the standard public schools. There are states where a large percentage of the enrolled students comprise of minorities or students from low-income families. Students in such schools are accepted randomly or through public lottery.

Who is eligible to start charter schools?

This can be done by anyone including: parents, traders, community leaders, teachers and municipalities. All that is required is for one to submit the right proposal to the organization in charge of approving charter entities within their state. Depending on the charter laws of a particular state, the authorizing entity will vary from one state to the next.

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